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Gerald Wallace Goes for a dunk
Who new that Charlotte would ever have any hope of being decent. 
At a modest 28-29 they couldn't be that good; for me and I know for them anything close to that is a feat. However this season starting slow and sluggish lets say winning one game for every 4; about January they started picking up the pace, finally. Some smart decisions from general management; which includes owner Michael Jordan; they keep it steady. Jordan is also looking into full ownership of the team.
The team is lead under Larry Brown; whom I think has done the best job of coaching. This team has a few stand out players Gerald Wallace (pictured); Tyrus Thomas (below),Stephen Jackson, and Raymond Felton. I think Michael Jordan has a little NC pride in him. One question? - Charlotte themed AJ clothes?
Tyrus Thomas during his tenure with the Bulls
3/2/2010 06:17:54 am

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